WrappeD In PlastiC: Party Monster 2009!@ Second Skin (30/1/09, Aθήνα)

Party Monster, 2009! Το νέο event των WrappeD In PlastiC στο Second Skin Club που επιδιώκει να ενώσει όλα τα Electro klub kids που γνωρίζουν τι σημαίνει Party,  σε μια βραδιά Full of Rave, Sex, & StrobeLights!

All Night Long. Drag Shows, Stage Shows, Pole Dancing, Dirty GoGo Boys & Girls & Some Filthy Surprises!!!

Plus On Dexx. Rave Anthems, Electro Beats, Queer Noize, Bastard Pop & Trash Sounds!

Come & Join Us All Of U Electro Girlz, Tech Boyz,Sexy Pimps, Glamour Creatures,Freaked Out Lolitas,Trashy Fags, Bimbo Dolls, Space Cowboyz & PlastiC Dancers In Our Themed World!

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